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Commercial & Residential Sealcoating & Repairs

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Pa. Lic. No. PA010998

The Driveway Lady is a commercial & residential seal coating company. Jean The Driveway Lady has more than thirty years experience in the seal coating business. Our services include but are not limited to, Asphalt and Concrete seal coatings, Patching and repairs, Pavement markings and line striping. Just recently The Driveway Lady has partnered with Hardrock Pavement's, so now one call really does it all! Hardrock will perform all paving and construction work for The Driveway Lady, and as usual you will receive the same courteous and prompt service as always. As usual Jean The Driveway Lady will be out there seal coating driveway's and parking lots and remember, BEWARE OF IMPOSTER'S or COPYKATS THERE'S ONLY ONE DRIVEWAY LADY, Jean Lazrovitch! like Coke she's the real thing.

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Jean Lazrovitch

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